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Chapman Law Group, PLC is a firm dedicated to providing strategies and solutions for your problems. Whether you need an advocate for your contract dispute, general counsel or corporate counsel for your business, assistance with your real estate or estate planning needs, counsel for your equine law issues, or other legal advice or services, we can—and will—help you. We can assist you in Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey and in other state or federal courts by matter. We also assist our clients with certain international law issues. También se habla español.

ASC_20th_PlaqueWhen you hire our firm, you hire the partners and experienced staff members.  You will always be able to communicate directly with the partner working on your matter and with understanding staff.  If you need us, just call or email and you’ll quickly receive a reply from the lawyer handling your case. As well, by avoiding multiple, junior attorneys on your matter, we keep our overhead, and your legal expenses, as low as possible. These are some of the benefits of a small firm handling your complex legal matters.

Chapman Law Group, PLC is proud to be the founding member of The Equine Law Group and equinelawgroup.com, where we have equine attorneys and equine lawyers. We encourage you to contact us with your equine law issues and equine lawyer needs. The Equine Law Group at equinelawgroup.com is an association of equine attorneys which allows our clients national and international access to experienced equine lawyers. Whether in Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey or other state and federal courts by matter, our equine attorneys work diligently with our clients to handle their matters in a personal, one-on-one basis. The Equine Law Group and equinelawgroup.com are an invaluable resource for our clients looking for an equine lawyer in the sometimes-complicated world of equine law.

For a more detailed review of other areas in which we may assist you with your legal service needs, please take a moment to browse our practice area descriptions in this site. If you wish to contact us, you can do so through the Contact page, or via telephone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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