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Marital, Family & Divorce Law

Many of our clients at Chapman Law Group, PLC become clients for life. When married life takes an unexpected turn, our clients often feel more comfortable with our continued representation in their personal matters. We also find that our clients refer their friends to us because of this same level of trust and confidence in our ability. When you hire our firm, you always have direct access to the attorneys handling your case – which can be a comfort during difficult times. We therefore provide marital, family law and divorce law services in these areas including:

  • Pre-divorce counseling and planning
  • Protection of Assets (see Asset Protection)
  •               Prenuptial Agreements
  •               Postnuptial Agreements
  • Divorce proceedings, including:
    • Alimony and Support Hearings
    • Custody
    • Child Support
    • Modification of Alimony and Child Support
    • Petitions for Support and Maintenance
    • Equitable Distribution
  • Estate Planning related to marriage and divorce