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Creditor’s Rights

There are few issues more vexing to a business than trying to enforce rights as a creditor against a debtor. At Chapman Law Group, PLC, we strive to inject common sense into the process of pursing a debtor. Does it make sense to spend more money chasing the debtor? Does the creditor have a fiduciary duty to pursue? What are the rights of the creditor if the debtor hides in bankruptcy? We will help you answer these and other questions and navigate the murky waters as a creditor. Our practice in this area includes:

  • Debt Collection
  • Execution of Judgments
  • Levys
  • Creditors’ claims in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Relief from the automatic stay in bankruptcy
  • Defense of preference actions and other adversary proceedings in bankruptcy
  • Objections to plans of reorganization
  • Insolvency and receivership state court proceedings
  • Appointment of receivers
  • Injunctive relief, constructive trusts, setting aside fraudulent transfers, and other creditors’ rights remedies