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Our Firm

Chapman Law Group, PLC is a firm dedicated to zealous, yet sensible complex legal representation and legal problem solving.

We provide general counsel and board of director services to family offices and to both emerging and medium cap companies. We focus upon the areas of complex business transactions, officer and director liability, commercial and business litigation, business formation and compliance and regulatory oversight, as well as upon commercial construction oversight and disputes, asset development and related areas of practice. We possess extensive first chair trial experience. First and foremost, we provide strategies and solutions to your problems

Avery S. Chapman, has over 27 years of experience in the areas of complex civil trials, commercial, contract, equine law, insurance, property owners and construction disputes, business law and related areas of practice.  He and those attorneys with which he associates have extensive experience in both state and federal courts and have repeatedly represented clients successfully through trial and verdict. The firm serves clients in Florida from Miami to Ocala and statewide, as well as the States of Connecticut and New Jersey and has appeared for specific matters in many other state and federal courts.

Taryn E. Hartnett, Paralegal, has over 25 years of experience in the legal, banking and human resourcessectors  A past senior executive, she brings a sophisticated set of skills to the client communications, case development and matter management of the Firm.  A life-long equestrian, she also brings unique perspective and understanding to our equestrian clients and their matters.

Kirsty DesRoches, Paralegal, has over 20 years of experience in the legal, real estate, medical and services sectors.  She is also an equestrian and brings that understanding to the equestrian practice of the Firm.

Please take a moment to review our Practice Area pages, found to the left of this page, for more detailed discussions of our resources to provide you strategies and solutions.  Thank you.